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The STEINBAUER PowerModule is the safest and most effective way to tune modern diesel engines. The STEINBAUER product is a microprocessor-controlled, Intelligent Power Module. It works in such a way that the factory ECU remains in control of the engine safety settings. Therefore, your machine does not go outside the safety parameters set by the manufacturer.  Other forms of diesel tuning such as ECU remapping/chip tuning or the most common form of Ag machine tuning, devices that plug into the end of the common rail pressure sensor, modify the signal resulting in increased fuel rail pressure to deliver more fuel.  This type of multi-channel tuning will override the manufacturer’s safety settings and can result in the possibility of damage to the engine.


The STEINBAUER PowerModule works with your ECU, not against it, which is what, makes this the safest and most effective solution available on the North American market. The STEINBAUER PowerModule connects to the ECU via original equipment specification connectors (NO CUTTING OF WIRES) and alters the injector duration. This achieves the required level of fueling without increasing rail pressure. This method of tuning removes the issues associated with over pressuring the fuel system and tripping or having to modify the pressure relief valve.


The STEINBAUER product is quite simply the most effective, reliable and advanced power-enhancement product available for your agricultural engine on the North American market. Of course there are cheaper products on the market - but is cheaper really better? When you are talking about a machine worth thousands of dollars - would you really trust this with a cut-price product?